Fundraising Setup for NGOs

Fundraising for NGOs’ is a unique art that is to be executed very intelligently. “Donor is not your Customer” approach has to be apprehended. Every NGO’s backbone to survive is the funds they are receiving. NGOs, unlike commercial entities, are not dependent on any profit stream or revenues; instead it is solely dependent on the Funds. The Sprinters Consultancy, with expertise in Fundraising, will assist the NGOs or any non-commercial aspect of any commercial business, to develop its fund raising setup and system for smooth inflow of funds, using the following touch points:

Donor specific Marketing

Marketing and Communication for a Donor has to be precise and well thought. The Donor wants to see what is getting done with their donations. Marketing collaterals will have to educate donors about the developments happening from their donations.

Understanding the ‘Donor’ dynamics

Donor is a person to be understood and analyzed very carefully. The donor is not your customer. Our consultancy will study the specific donor and get insights about the donor and will assist the NGO to realize the various dynamics associated with a donor.

Developing Products for Donations

Every donor would like a product to justify their donations. It will be convenient for a donor to donate a product rather than giving random donations. Our consultancy will assist the NGO to develop the donor products that can really click well with the current and potential donors.

Donor Relation Management system (DRM)

Donor Database is the primary tool for any NGO. The database is the main asset through which the NGO will generate marketing touchpoints specific for the donors. Database Management is an integral part of DRM. Our consultancy will provide a platform to intelligently and effectively manage this system. Not only like, DRM will feature Thank You letters, Acknowledgment letters, Updates and Newsletters Management.

Corporate Relations

Every NGO targets to get more and more corporate donations. Corporate relations are at the heart of every NGO to generate maximum reach to the public. CSR activities of organizations will have to be tapped by the NGO.

Fundraising Events

Fundraising events are well crafted events that need touchpoints that will different the fundraiser from a normal commercial event. Our Consultancy will provide expertise to execute well thought Fund Raising events for the NGO.

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